James "Mother" Miles
   His name was James Truman Miles…. but everyone called him “Mother Miles” He had gentle brown eyes and a continuous mop of dark brown hair that fell to his shoulders.  His love was motorcycles; chopped, customized, and gleaming with chrome.  He had a wife named Ruby, and two children he loved even more than the free wheeling lifestyle he had became accustomed to in the Hells Angels.
     He never held a job like most, he was what we would call a “Hustler” This gave him a very profitable income, but didn't require him to live up to the standards of the general public, and left him the time to handle club matters, which he did with all the love and care a mother would give to her child hence the name “Mother Miles”.

      Jim was born in Sacramento California where he started riding when he was seventeen and soon after he and his brother Patrick  “Mighty Mouse” Miles, started Sacramento’s original Outlaw Motorcycle Club, it was called Hellbent for Glory.  At this time the bay area Hells Angels were starting to form, but seldom associated with the members of Hellbent because of the distance between the clubs.

     Hellbent started making all the runs set up for the 1%er clubs and soon came to know and befriend members of the Angels.  Before long there was a steady flow of riders going back and forth from Sacramento and the Bay.  Soon thereafter came talk of folding Hellbent and starting the Sacramento Hells Angels.  Jim was against this for a while because he was partial to the name Hellbent and the patches he had wore so proudly, but eventually he gave in and the North Sacramento chapter of the Hells Angels was formed.  Jim soon became noted if not famous, for his escapades and dealings with the Angels.

     He was arrested for multiple charges which have been noted in books such as Hells Angels by Hunter Thompson, which included a rape he didn't’t commit, assault charges that he was never convicted for and numerous other charges the police could never get to stick.

     Approximately nine months before his untimely death Jim left his hometown of Sacramento because of threats and harassment from the local police department and headed for the Bay.  He took with him most of the Club members and started the Hells Angels Nomad Chapter out of Richmond a few months later others followed.  Leaving only one or two behind including his Brother Pat who kept in touch by making trips to Oakland and Richmond for club meetings.  Pat later decided he needs another change and moves to southern California and became a member of the Berdo Hells Angels.  Jim and the others in the bay found that in the Bay Area they could ride their machines without constant harassment from the police.  For that reason the Bay Area became known as God’s country.

     Jim later moved to San Leandro were he unknowingly would live the last few month’s of his short life.  He was returning home after a visit with Sonny and other Oakland Angels when he was struck down a fatally injured.  He was taken to Highland Hospital were he remained unconscious for seven days, Jim died at 9:30 am.  His wife brought him home to Sacramento and gave him a Hells Angel funeral that was covered by life magazine and received nationwide television coverage.  Jim’s brother also returned to Sacramento for the funeral Pat buried his patches with his brother and never wore the Angels Death Scull again.  In 2000 James"Meredith" Miles with the help of a few other riders form Sacramento decided to unfold Hellbent since then Hellbent has expanded and you can now see the Hellbent Patch flying all over California........

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